Chelsea FC – Cut Spending and Look to Youth

Since Roman Abramovich became the new owner of Chelsea Football Club in 2003 they have been renowned for being the big spenders in the English Premier League.

From 2004-2009 there was an estimated gross spend of over £325 million on players, although £245 million has been recouped on sales of players during that time and notably during the 2009 season there was a profit on players sales (verses expenditure) of an estimated £68 million.

Obviously transfer fees are only half the story, players wages, are notoriously expensive, Chelsea spent a reported £142million on players salaries last year alone. This massive expenditure is offset somewhat by ticket sales, merchandise and replica shirt sales, advertising, television payments and indeed ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบเว็บตรง prize money for winning the premier league, estimated to be in the region of £15million.

Chelsea continue to maintain they are in a strong financial position and are reported to be on target to ‘break even’ within the next few years.

Since the takeover by Abramovich, the investment in football terms has pay dividends, and Chelsea have enjoyed a very successful era; they have won eight major trophies, including the Premier League 3 times, the FA Cup 3 times and the League Cup twice – making them the most successful English team in the last seven years.

Chelsea are not the only big spenders in the Premier League, and there are growing concerns about the financial position of some football clubs. In addition to the huge spending by some clubs, this financial power is also seen by some as an unfair advantage, if a club has the backing of wealthy businessmen or consortiums.

Another issue which is causing concern is the perceived lack of ‘home grown’ talent, which may adversely affect the national team as well as the clubs, by the massive influx of quality foreign players into the Premier League.