Defending the Option With the 4-3 Defense

to stop the Wishbone Option that Barry Switzer was running in Oklahoma. The Miami 4-3 Defense, or 4-3 Over Defense, as it is known today, is one of the best defensive fronts to try to stop the Option in football today.

The main reason that the front is so good against the Option is the clear Option fits that are built into the defense. Knowing who is going to be responsible for the Dive Back, Quarterback and เว็บยอดนิยม ufabet Pitch Man on every Option play is crucial to stopping the offense.

The Dive Back

In the 4-3 Over Defense, the 4 Defensive Linemen and the Mike Linebacker are going to be taking away the Dive Back. This may seem like overkill, but the Dive Back is the only person who has players blocking specifically for him. Everyone else, the Quarterback and the Pitch Player, are going to be reading and taking advantage of the defenders.

In the 4-3 Defense, the Mike Linebacker always keys the Dive Back. He is a 2-gap player, responsible for Strong A Gap or Weak B Gap. Whichever way the Dive Back goes, the Mike Linebacker will fill hard in that direction. He is the toughest Linebacker used in the defense, because of the war he will be in with a fullback all night long against power running games.

The Defensive Ends will be the player that the Quarterback is reading. In traditional defenses, he is expected to be a Quarterback player, because he is aligned in the C Gap.

In the 4-3 Defense, the Defensive Ends are ta