The Key To Fantasy Football Salary Cap Challenge Games

ost fantasy football enthusiasts are experienced with the traditional draft and auction formats of fantasy football. In these formats, participants draft a team of football players in either a serpentine draft or auction and compete against their fellow fantasy football owners each week.

Still, there are other fantasy football formats that are popular. One of these formats is known as the salary cap challenge game, originated by CDMSports in the early 1990s. There are varying rules with each company’s fantasy football challenge game, but in general fantasy football owners draft a team of players under a predetermined salary cap and then add and drop players each week. Unlike traditional fantasy football, each team can own the same players.

These types of games have gained attention and popularity for their ease of play and large grand prizes. While there are different rules for each company that runs these games, the same general strategies can be applied to be successful.

1. Pay Attention

Especially with the 17-week football season, if you forget to add, drop or bench players one week, your season in a fantasy football challenge game could be finished. With bye weeks, getting a donutเว็บแทงบอล for a couple spots on your roster could be all it takes to end your chance at winning.

2. Weigh Risk Over Reward

Going into the season we always see fantasy football websites and magazines making claims about “sleepers” and “breakout players”. The tough part is knowing who to trust. As with traditional fantasy football, if you pick the wrong sleepers you could be doomed. Do analysis of your own and use your gut instinct when you make your picks, and if you are choosing players that are yet to produce in the NFL, weight the upside if these picks.

3. Don’t Overreact

It’s human nature for sports fans and fantasy football owners to be short on patience. If your favorite team in the NFL starts the season 0-2, you might be in the mood to give up on the season. If fantasy football gold mine LaDainian Tomlinson starts the season looking like a mediocre running back (as he did in 2007), many fantasy owners will use that same logic and figure that their season is over or make reactionary moves.